Open Tax Consultancy - London Tax Advisors

Open Tax Consultancy is a tax advisory practice, our principal specialism is advising on the personal tax affairs of busy professionals working in the City and Central London.

Key Services

We offer expertise in most areas of personal tax, these start from preparing UK self assessment tax returns, advice on tax planning and tax mitigation, also tax residency and domicile issues.

Other key skills include tax investigations and working with third party financial advisors to provide tax advice on investment strategies such as the Enterprise Investment Scheme, maximising tax relief on pension contributions and claims to statutory tax reliefs such as Business Property Renovation Allowance.

We are also able to offer bespoke tax planning strategies to mitigate most taxes including income tax, corporation tax, and capital gains tax.

Why Choose Open Tax Consultancy?

  • We offer clients specialised tax advice provided by commercially minded tax professionals 
  • We are happy to agree fees in advance that we feel are more competitive than most
  • We pride ourselves on understanding personal goals and needs with a level of service that we feel sets us apart
  • We take a no nonsense approach to meeting clients expectations
  • From the initial contact we tell you what we can do, how we feel it will benefit you and the likely costs

Your time is precious....

We understand that your time is precious, we are happy to meet you at a point and place that works in with your busy schedule.

Most clients ask us to come to see them in their offices for short, focused meetings which we are happy to accept. After meeting you we are equally happy to work and take instruction over the telephone or email if that better meets your personal needs.

Please click on the links to the right to see what we can do for you...

Self Assessment tax return preparation service
If you just need assistance with a Self Assessment tax return we can help. For a fixed fee agreed in advance we will prepare your tax return for you, work out your tax position and submit the return for you, all penalty and worry free.
The Open Tax Consultancy Service
This fixed fee service is designed for busy professionals who want the ongoing, 365 day peace of mind that their tax affairs remain in good shape, up to date and penalty free. We will file your tax returns, advise you on opportunities that could reduce your tax liabilities and guide you through the Self Assessment tax maze, freeing up time for the things in your life that really matter to you!
Tax investigations
A tax investigation can be a very time consuming, intrusive and stressful experience. Professional support is essential. We have the knowledge and experience that can take you cost effectively from the very start of the enquiry to an early positive conclusion.
Expatriate tax advice
If you are leaving or arriving in the UK you should be aware of the opportunities to structure your tax position and make the very best of your new situation. From the basics of advising HMRC of your new circumstances and claiming tax refunds to suggesting tax saving ideas we can help.
Corporation tax planning
We have planning strategies and solutions that that can help to reduce the burden of corporation and other business related taxes, creating real time value.
Low Cost, Fixed Fee Accountancy Packages
Income tax planning
If you are employed, self employed, a partner in a business or working in some other way then you will be paying income tax. At a top rate of 40% or 45% it can be expensive - so why not plan for it?
Professional support – expert advice
Our Business to Business professional connection service is designed to make sure you and your client’s have dedicated access to quality tax advice. The service is perfect for a business that needs tax issues answering fast without the ongoing cost of in house tax expertise.
Inheritance tax planning
With the rise in house prices and the accumulation of personal wealth more and more people are paying Inheritance Tax. With careful planning and early advice we are happy to suggest tips and ideas to help reduce or eliminate altogether the tax charge.
Capital gains tax planning
Capital Gains Tax may be payable on the sale of shares, second homes and other assets. With careful planning and early advice we can help reduce or remove completely the tax charge - leaving you to enjoy more of the profit you have made!