Tax investigations

In a society that demands accountability and value from the tax it pays, HM Revenue and Customs are increasingly active in both targeted and random enquiries. With this in mind there can now be few who will escape the experience of a formal review of their tax affairs at least once in a lifetime.

Why Open Tax Consultancy?

Whether you are dealing with a local tax office or the Special Civil Investigations office, unrepresented individuals or an inexperienced advisor will usually not be aware of the areas of risk and opportunity they will encounter throughout a tax investigation.

From the outset of being notified that your tax affairs are under enquiry right the way through to final settlement, specialist tax advice will be vital at every stage. Significant savings, both time and tax, can be achieved by appointing Open tax consultancy from the outset.

Open tax consultancy will:

  • Deal with HM Revenue and Customs direct on your behalf - taking the stress and pressure away from you and letting you continue with your life
  • Handle the investigation through all stages up to and including settlement - you will have a dedicated specialist on hand from start to finish
  • Understand your personal circumstances and advise you on a one to one basis throughout the investigation - peace of mind and sensitivity will be important to you
  • Work to achieve a pragmatic, commercial solution - we work hard to achieve the best results for you at a difficult time
  • Look to ensure that any additional tax, interest and penalties are minimised - you would expect nothing else
  • Be straightforward and upfront about our fees - meaning you to can budget for any additional tax payable but continue to retain the highest level of professional support

A tax investigation can be a very time consuming, intrusive, costly and stressful experience .We do not judge, we simply work on your behalf to progress the enquiry to an early conclusion that best fits your personal circumstances.

Open Tax Consultancy

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