Income tax planning

If you are employed, self employed, a partner in a business or working in some other way then you will be paying income tax. At a top rate of 40% or 45% it can be expensive - so why not plan for it?

At Open Tax Consultancy we can offer planning in the following areas:

  • the self employed
  • employees with large salaries or bonuses, share options or rewards
  • income that is received from property

After understanding your personal needs and objectives we will present planning opportunities that we feel can best fit you circumstances. These can include:

  • Enterprise Investment Scheme planning
  • Venture Capital Trust investments
  • Media and other tax incentivised structures

Whether it be a one off tax event or ongoing planning around high net worth individuals we are able to offer access to bespoke planning solutions specifically designed to be conservative in nature but maintaining the prime objective of reducing individual tax burden.