Inheritance tax planning

It is not only the wealthy that need to consider inheritance tax(IHT) planning, with the rise in house prices and the accumulation of other assets more and more people are paying the tax when there is no need.

Recognising individual needs are important to us, we can provide a detailed IHT planning report with a tailored service that will include one to one professional support. If your circumstances are less complex we are also on hand for no nonsense, straightforward advice.

Throughout our work we understand that you need to ensure your lifetime requirements are accounted for and after you are gone the financial needs of your spouse and loved ones are looked after.

Why Open Tax Consultancy?

With planning, IHT can usually be reduced substantially or even entirely eliminated.

Working with Open Tax Consultancy you will have peace of mind that your loved ones are looked after and the tax burden on your assets is planned for and minimized - helping you pass on your estate to the people who deserve it most.