Expatriate tax advice

Coming to live and work in the UK or moving overseas will present both opportunities and challenges. Although important, advising the tax authorities of your intentions will perhaps not be at the top of your priority list, you may also miss the opportunity to structure your tax affairs to make the very best of your new circumstances. With this in mind Open Tax Consultancy have developed a structured expatriate and inpatriate tax advisory service.

We will:

  • Advise HM Revenue and Customs of your plans and respond on your behalf to any questions they may have
  • Complete HM Revenue and Customs arrival and departure paperwork on your behalf
  • We will help you to understanding your domicile and residence position
  • Once your residence and domicile position is established we will advise you on how these affect your UK tax liability
  • Where we think you may have overpaid tax we will make a claim on your behalf and manage the claim for you, making sure the repayment is both maximised and issued quickly
  • Taking full account of your circumstances, we will discuss how to structure your UK tax position to your optimum benefit
  • We will advise you of your ongoing UK tax responsibilities and prepare your UK tax return
  • We will be on hand to discuss the UK income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax implications of your new circumstances and work with you to reduce these

Why Open Tax Consultancy?

Whether you are moving overseas or to the UK for the first time our dedicated experts are here to guide you and help you manage your UK tax position. We work with you before, throughout and after your move; we make sure your tax affairs are in the best possible shape.